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Written by Filip Vanicek
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
Dear Friends of the Green Party in Fredericton:As you may know, we are expecting an election to be called at any time by Stephen Harper. Mr. Harper is trying to create the impression that, as a minority government, he has a right to act like a majority if opposition parties do not defeat him.The Fredericton Green Party is among three ridings in Atlantic Canada that the national office is setting its sights on to do well. We have a superbly qualified candidate in Mary Lou Babineau, a native of this region who is a university professor , young, fluent in English and French, dynamic,  and who with her husband Bill are expecting their first baby in January. Most recently, Mary Lou has just been invited by Elizabeth May to join her team and become a member of the Federal Party shadow cabinet, taking the Public Service reform portfolio.

Mary Lou has natural appeal with her close connection to young people at the university level. She has many friends in her home town of Minto. She appeals to women voters as well as to parents of small children. As a graduate of Ecole St. Anne, she has many friends in the francophone community. Also, as she is a professor of Spanish, our increasingly multicultural community will know she understands their needs.

With a small change in voting patterns in Fredericton we could earn one of five Conservative votes, one of three Liberal votes, and make significant inroads into the NDP voter base, or do better yet.  Mary Lou could win the mandate to represent this riding with 14,000 votes.  Patrick Weber, Mary Lou’s campaign coordinator,  has been involved in previous elections and has himself run as a federal candidate in the previous election so we have experience on our side there as well.

The Green Party executive has been given a mandate for a shoestring  budget of $10,000 for the upcoming election, focusing primarily on campaign literature (brochures), lawn signs and billboards. Elizabeth May came a close second in the London North by-election last fall. Her fully-funded campaign needed every dollar.

The Fredericton Green Party needs you. We need your time as a volunteer. Volunteers are a precious asset as they demonstrate to voters the human appeal of the Green Party and of Mary Lou Babineau.

We also need to raise money. It takes weeks to print posters and literature, especially on a shoestring budget. And we need to prepare now, ahead of the election call.

Please help now.  Your donation gets eight times leverage! If you donate $25, for example, you get a tax credit for $18.75, so it only costs you $6.25. And whatever we spend on an election qualifies for a 50% reimbursement from Elections Canada. Your $25 allows the Green Party to spend $50 so for $6.25 you allow us to spend EIGHT times that!

Contributions may be made payable to the Fredericton  Green Party Association , at 255 Manresa Drive, E3A 9S9 An income tax rex receipt will be issued to you. You may contact us by telephone at 454.6586 or at 454.5039.

Please give what you can afford. The Green Party of Canada needs your help. Mary Lou needs your help. Together, we can make history. Thank you.

Filip VanicekChair,Fredericton Green Party

Please forward this message on to anyone you know who wants a new direction for Canada and may be happy to support the Fredericton Greens.

Authorized by the Official Agent to Elect Mary Lou Babineau