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Welcome to the Future

The voters of the Fredericton area have given the Green Party more than 10% of the vote.  This is 5 times more than last time which puts us in the running for next time.  Together we can make a difference in the future as the Green Party uses its voice to push forward practical solutions to economic problems facing our country as well as addressing the environment.

The Fredericton Green Party is guided by a triple bottom line: we work to promote policies that are socially progressive, fiscally responsible, and environmentally sustainable.

In fact, we believe we can’t succeed in addressing any one of these without addressing all three. The triple bottom line makes our party unique and positions us to bring on the future:

  • Do you want sustainable and affordable energy for your home and business?
  • Do you want public investment in green technologies?
  • Do you want an inclusive and egalitarian Canada?
  • Do you want energy-efficient housing available to all?
  • Do you want an economy that strengthens families and communities while preserving the environment?

In short, do you want a renewable future?

We believe that only the Green Party grasps the future, and what will be involved in ensuring we and our children have one.

The Fredericton Green Party is proud to carry the local banner for the only federal political party capable of seeing beyond narrow, short-term, and partisan interests. The Fredericton Green Party represents a new kind of politics – the kind that focuses on practical, long-term solutions, and that has the spirit and courage to carry them through.

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An issue of particular concern to the Fredericton Green Party in foreign affairs is Darfur and the suffering that is occuring there.  If you want to help, please join Mary Lou and Speak Out Against Genocide in Darfur

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